Welcome to the World of Great Notion

How Great Notion Brewing developed a magical world based on their label designs and how they're keeping customers engaged during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, a lot of breweries were launched into all things digital trying to find unique ways to directly engage with consumers. Though this was in the works prior to the pandemic, I knew I had to talk to Great Notion Brewing about their new app and hear more about their direct-to-consumer strategy over this past year and a half. I chat with Paul Reiter, CEO & Co-Founder of Great Notion Brewing in Portland, Oregon, about what it takes to open a brewery...especially now that they have five locations, how the beer labels have inspired this magical world they've created in their own app which now includes a video game component, and what beer style is the hottest trend this year. For those in Los Angeles, I also know awesome bottle shop Sara’s Market in City Terrace has Great Notion so check them out!

Also right before this episode, I celebrated 20K subscribers on my YouTube so what great timing for our episode on marketing & content!

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